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The Terms of Service for outlines the rules and guidelines for using the website. It emphasizes the acceptance of terms, the educational nature of the content, the right for changes by the operator, and provides contact information for the owner. It ensures users are informed about proper use of the service and what to expect when accessing the site's resources.

GDPR Privacy Policy

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The GDPR Privacy Policy for provides crucial information on how users' personal data is collected, processed, and protected in compliance with the GDPR. It outlines user rights concerning their personal data, the purposes of data processing, and the contact information for any privacy concerns. This policy underscores the commitment to ensuring transparency and security in data handling practices.

Privacy Policy

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The Privacy Policy page of provides an overview of how we handle personal information, including collection, use, security, sharing, and third-party services. It explains user consent and outlines contact methods for privacy concerns. It also details the commitment to protecting users' privacy on the website.